Cheryl Davenport


Cheryl brings to Innovative Partners over 15 years in interactive and digital marketing. Cheryl's experience with Microsoft and The Los Angeles Times as well as several growing companies allows her to understand the importance of producing winning results.

Cheryl's expertise are in marketing automation, website analytics, email campaign platforms, website design and development, email and database marketing, social media, and search engine optimization and marketing.

Cheryl understands how to reach the end market for both business to business and business to consumer businesses.  Her expertise in tracking, streamlining and visualization of data for clients allow our clients the opportunity to understand their ROI and the impact their digital strategies are making in real time.

Cheryl is a published writer and has been instrumental in developing key digital strategies for many of our clients.

Mike Tollett


Mike has over 30 years of business experience including 20 years of executive search experience.  Over the years, he has worked with a large number of organizations to identify talent in diverse settings to further the client organization's culture and mission.

His specialty is finding the best proven talent in challenging market places.  He has a variety of industry search experience in the following areas: energy services, accounting and financial, engineering, sales and marketing, information systems/technology, consulting, human resources, insurance, legal, operations and senior level management.

Mike began his career in commercial banking in Houston, Texas.  Mike has been instrumental over the years in the talent acquisition for many of our clients.

Walter Nusbaum


Walter years of consulting expertise includes conducting onsite training and development with executives, business people, athletes, and non-profit organizations. He has worked individually and corporately with executives from a broad spectrum of organizations 

His academic background is in Strategic Management and Leadership Development. As a growth strategist, Walter focuses his time helping organizations develop their human capital from the executive level to the front line employee in order to help them successfully achieve their objectives.

Walter is a popular speaker who has spoken all over the country to sports teams, business groups, corporations, as well as religious groups and other non-profit organizations.

Onsite Training and Mentoring

We have a reputation for being more than consultants for our clients, we are trusted advisors.   We care about our clients and their overall goals.  We provide many of our clients with ongoing consulting and training.

Matt Seward

Founding Partner

Matt is a 35 year veteran of growth strategy consulting and  founded Innovative Partners in 1987.  Much of the proprietary diagnostics and methodologies used by the Company and developed specifically for growth companies, were pioneered by him.

Matt has managed hundreds of growth strategy projects.  Prior to beginning his business career, Matt pursued a career in political campaigning where he managed a successful campaign for United States Senate.  He then served 3 years as Vice President of a large regional advertising and marketing agency. 
Matt was co-founder of Inc. Magazine’s Growth Strategy Consulting Group where he was a Senior Consultant and frequent speaker at Inc.’s national conferences.

Kati Hanna


Kati has over 25 years of consulting experience specializing in growing midsize companies. She focuses her efforts on marketing consulting services, business plan development, marketing analysis and research, strategic planning and process implementation.  Kati has managed over 60 growth strategy projects in a wide variety of industries.

She works with leadership teams to define goals and high-potential opportunities for growth.  She manages key marketing efforts for several clients.  Kati was the Senior Project Manager for two major industry growth strategies for 22 Christian publishers and 19 Christian record labels.

Kati has a diverse background in human resources, training and development, marketing, operations and franchise development.

Best Practices

A critical key to reaching the next level is learning and implementing the most successful business practices in your field.  Innovative Partners has developed dozens of practice modules and tutorials to help your organization achieve performance excellence.

Why We Are Different
Instead of creating strategies that are lost in a report, we develop "doable and implementable" strategies based on where your organization is today. We not only give you a clear road map, but we partner with you to help you get to your final destination.

Our People


Our team of consultants has been there before. Together, we've helped more than a hundred companies reach that next level.  And we've been in your shoes too.  Each of our consultants has started or managed companies and has years of hands-on experience.

Understanding Your Unique Needs

Our practice has been built specifically around

understanding the unique challenges, problems, opportunities, and growing pains faced by middle market and emerging growth companies.

Our Experience

Our Strengths

Insight for Growing Companies

Fred Ichniowski


Fred has over 30 years of experience in the retail and consumer product segments with experience in growing and developing regional and national companies.  He has been involved in building companies from the ground up as well as leading companies in over 100 business acquisitions.

 He specializes in strategic business plan development and implementation, organizational structure, corporate and field team training & development, and executive coaching. 

Fred’s broad based Sales, Operations, and Organizational leadership skills help to propel organizations to success from the start up stage to realizing long term success. Specializing in building a sustainable business model based on identifying Purpose, developing and implementing Process, and producing a long term sustainable Product.